About us    

Coffenna has been established to build up a large community of coffee lovers in The Arab Nation and specifically in Bahrain. We enjoy and love tasting coffee and there is an endless amount of specialty coffee shops in Bahrain and the Arab Nation but there are less people who make their coffee at home. Making your coffee at home is one of the best ways you can enjoy your cup of coffee. You can make your perfect cup every morning or at anytime in your own taste. Additionally, Making coffee at home is more affordable and will definitely cut your spending on coffee by a noticeable margin. 

So we decided to provide coffee tools and accessories starting with the essentials and we are planning to provide more coffee products such as beans, Machines and other products which every coffee lover & barista needs.

In addition, We want to share and spread Coffee knowledge using our Blog. Coffee making is not hard and neither easy. Depending on the method you use to make your coffee, it will need some knowledge and experience to make a perfect cup of coffee. As your knowledge and experience increases, you will be able to control your final product (coffee). We will start with the essential information and we will try to share some other aspects of coffee making.