Price: 23 BD

Item: HERO S01 Manual Coffee Grinder

Material: Metal, stainless steel, and ABS

Body is ABS Plastic

Core and inside parts are Stainless Steel 402

Size: 15 ×15cm / 5.91 × 5.91 inch

Weight: 286g

Capacity: 25g

Function: The thickness scale can be adjusted

Application: Espresso coffee machine, hand-made pot, Moka pot, French pressure pot, frozen pot, siphon pot, etc.


The Grinder Has the Same Burr as the TIMEMORE C2 Grinder.

It is a high-quality Manual coffee grinder with dual bearings for easy grinding.


29 Clicks grinding settings for the Hero S01 vs 17 Clicks for the TIMEMORE C2


Package includes:

1 × Hand coffee grinder

1 × User Manual

HERO S01 Manual Coffee Grinder

SKU: EV0058
Color: Black