Manual Coffee Grinder Bahrain       

High Quality mill Coffee Grinder. It has the same design and quality of javapresse. It is basically a cheaper version of javapresse and other budget manual coffee grinders such as:  Porlex Mini, Hario Slim, Rhino Coffee Gear and Henry Charles.


35 grams Grinding Capacity. Ceramic Burr.


Material: Stainless Steel+ABS+Acrylic+Ceramic Grinding Core

Color: silver


A manual coffee grinder is always affordable, and reliable. But at this price point, it can make good grinding for all your coffee needs. But the problem with all budget grinders is the time. It will take from you about 1 minute and 10 seconds approximetly (if not more) to grind for espresso. If you make espresso, and you're willing to spend that time, it will be a great choise for you. It can grind consistently and in an excellent results.  It will be very fast and smooth if you will grind coarse. That doesn't mean that the grinder is not excellent. all budget grinders will result in similar results.




Manual Coffee Grinder

SKU: EV0001
8.00.د.ب Regular Price
5.00.د.بSale Price
Colors: Silver

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